Latest Zong Whatsapp Packages 2020 – (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

Zong becomes a very famous network in Pakistan after providing its cellular GSM service in 2008. Zong always facilitates its users with adorable offers. Zong launched an adorable all in one hybrid bundle for its customers who wish to have something like Zong Whatsapp Packages. Find Zong WhatsApp packages 2020 Monthly, Weekly & Daily Zong is offering … Read more

Warid Balance Check Code | How To Check Warid Balance 2020

warid balance check

Peoples don’t know about how to check balance or didn’t know the Warid Balance Check Code this article is for them. Warid is the biggest telecom network in Pakistan. Warid is providing the best 4G internet in all over Pakistan at low rates. Warid telecom network has 50 million subscribers after collaborating with Jazz. And … Read more

Zong Balance Check & Zong Balance Share Code 2020?

zong balance check & Zong Balance Share

Are you looking for Zong Balance Check or  Zong Balance Share Code for the facility of its prepaid users. Through this facilitation, Zong users do not need to worry about their running out of balance, one of their friends, family member, or loved one can easily share balance. Zong Balance Share is a convenient, flexible, and easy service for Zong users. … Read more

Telenor Balance Share Code 2020?

telenor balance share

Are you looking for Telenor Balance Share Code here have the Telenor codes. Telenor always cares about the facilities of its subscribers. It provides very convenient offers for prepaid to prepaid users.  Telenor Launched Balance sharing facility for its users. This Telenor Balance Share facility is for them which are running out of balance.  Some … Read more

How to Reset/Unlock Warid PUK Code 2020?

Hello guys!if you are a Warid user and you enabled the Warid PUK code security feature then you know much important to remember this security code, it always asks for the PIN when always you switch-on phone.  But if you forgot your PIN ? or if you have entered the wrong PIN code? If you’ve entered the wrong … Read more

Telenor Whatsapp Packages 2020

Telenor Whatsapp Packages

What if you do not have sufficient Mb’s to share a heavy or bulky video? Don’t worry Telenor brings adorable Telenor Whatsapp Packages for its users. Get Telenor Whatsapp Packages daily, weekly, monthly & as well as 3-day bundle.  Telenor is the most using network in Pakistan. As you know Whatsapp is the most used social … Read more

How To Check Zong MBs | How to Check Remaining MBs in Zong 2020

How To Check Zong MBs

How To Check Zong MBs?? Zong is the first Telecom oversea setup license from Milicom china and started providing GSM service in 2008 in Pakistan. Zong brings How To Check Zong MBs for the convenience of its subscribers. Zong is Pakistan’s No.1 using network. Zong launched many offers for its users. Zong knows better how to give … Read more

How to Reset/Unlock Ufone PUK Code?

ufone puk code

Ufone PUK Code (Personal Unlocking Key) is required to unlock the sim card. When you have entered the wrong PIN code several times and your sim is locked. Here, there might be some method to unblock your sim or how can you obtain Ufone PUK code.  Ufone is the first GSM cellular service provider network in … Read more

Jazz Call Packages (Daily,Weekly & Monthly) 2020

jazz call packages

After getting 50 million-plus subscribers Jazz merged with Warid and become the most used network all over Pakistan. Jazz-Warid Packages are almost the same. Jazz brings Jazz Call Packages for the convenience of users which are very easy to subscribe to or unsubscribe. Jazz Prepaid Call Packages If you are wondering about Jazz call Packages … Read more

Ufone Internet Packages (Daily, 3 Day, Weekly & Monthly) in 2020

Ufone internet packages

Ufone becomes a very famous GSM service provider network in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) or Ufone started its service in 2001. Ufone’s only one mission is that too costing less and availing more. Ufone is here with adorable Ufone Internet Packages to facilitate its customers. Ufone always brings fair offers at low rates … Read more