Latest Warid Balance Share Code 2020

Warid Balance Share

Warid is most using the telecom network providing LTE with many more facilities for Warid subscribers. After knowing the people’s needs Warid brings the Warid Balance Share facility. According to Warid rules and regulations, you can transfer the maximum amount of balance Rs.500. In per transaction charges will be charged which provides the Warid users … Read more

Ufone Super Card Family 2020

Ufone is the most using network in Pakistan. Ufone brings some Super easy card offers for their subscribers. There are some Ufone Super Card offers for the convenience of users. If you are wondering how to recharge or how to enjoy super card offers, So don’t worry see the offers below & enjoy; Ufone Card Family 2020 Ufone … Read more

Zong Super Card Family 2020

Zong Super Card

  Zong is Pakistan’s No.1 using network. Zong launched many super card offers for its users. Zong knows better how to give relief to their subscribers. Zong launched an adorable all in one hybrid bundle for its customers who wish to have something like Zong Super Card. Zong customers now can avail SMS, On-net minutes & Off-net minutes, … Read more

Jazz Super Card Family 2020

Jazz is Pakistan’s largest using network after collaborating with Warid. Jazz launched many Jazz Super Card offers for its subscribers. Jazz knows better how to give relief to their subscribers. Jazz launched an adorable all in one hybrid bundle for its customers who wish to have something like a super duper card. Jazz customers now can … Read more

How to Unlock/Reset Jazz PUK Code 2020?

In this article, I am going to tell the Jazz subscribers to resolve the PUK code problems. A PUK is abbreviated as Personal Unblocking Key. If you have enabled the PIN/PUK security your sim can be locked. If you entered three times the wrong PIN code your sim will be locked. Therefore, unfortunately, the PUK code will be … Read more

How to Reset/Unlock Telenor PUK Code 2020?

If you are suffering from the problem of Telenor PUK Code & got your sim locked? And want to know the personal unblocking key(PUK)to unlock your sim? If you’re here then don’t worry, you are in the right place. If you enabled the Personal personal identification key(PIN)feature & forgot the PIN. You should be aware of that … Read more

How to Reset/Unlock Zong PUK Code 2020?

First of all, you must have to know about PIN & PUK. The PIN is a personal identification number and PUK Personal unblock key. The PUK is an 8-digit code that is used to unblock you after entering 3 times the wrong PIN. You can find the Zong PUK Code which is given on the card that … Read more

Telenor Super Card Family 2020

Telenor Super Card

Telenor is 3rd largest network in Pakistan. Telenor brings the Telenor Super Card offers for its subscribers. There are some easy and monthly packages for Telenor subscribers. As you know Telenor is providing three super cards with fixed customers rates of Rx.600, Rs.450 & Rs.130. Telenor Easy Card Family Monthly Super Card 600 Monthly Super Card 450 … Read more

Ufone Whatsapp Packages 2020

Ufone is Pakistan’s third largest using network. Find Ufone Whatsapp packages for daily, weekly, monthly, and also offering a new 3-day Whatsapp bundle.  Daily Ufone WhatsApp Bundle Ufone daily Whatsapp bundle is providing unlimited Whatsapp MB’s for 24 hours. On the other hand, Ufone is also offering a very nice offer 100Mb(FB, Twitter & Whatsapp) for 24 hours … Read more

Jazz Whatsapp Packages

Telenor Whatsapp Packages

Jazz WhatsApp Bundles (Daily, Weekly, & Monthly) Jazz is always here for their users to give information for their subscribers. Jazz is providing many packages for Jazz users at low rates. We are here with some Jazz Whatsapp Packages. Jazz is the most used Mobilink network in Pakistan after collaboration with Warid Telecom. Both these … Read more