Jazz Facebook Packages 2021 (Daily, Weekly & Monthly Offers) Subscription code


Mobilink Jazz offers several Facebook packages for its users and User is extremely useful for these packages. Jazz has the biggest family of subscribers and increases the users day by day. Warid is additionally a part of Jazz, thus during this case, Jazz is increased the number of Jazz customers even additional and increased the Customers’ day by day.


Jazz supply free Facebook in its free basic offer, except for a particular purpose. And Jazz provides that, daily, weekly & monthly Facebook bundles that are Free, and a few are paid. Jazz also Free and Paid offers MBS for different social apps like WhatsApp, YouTube Streaming, and Imo much more. This is often not simply to buy the Packages. however, during this drawback, I will be able to offer an entire elaborated of the Monthly Daily and Weekly Subscription codes. And you simply only see this Package’s price and mention the MB Mention the temporal arrangement within which the MB square measure you used.

Jazz Daily Facebook Packages 2021


Jazz, in this case, is a Much Better Offer for the Customer. And In packages which is Includes data MB and Social Media Apps including Whatsapp, Twitter. And Line, Youtube, And In Other Case You use Only Youtube in Daily. So Jazz Provided by the youtube Bundle offer.

Jazz Daily Light

Activation Code *2256#
Price Rs: 12
Data Volume 500 MB data for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line + 40 MB
Validity 1 Day

Jazz Daily Heavy

Activation Code *2258#
Price Rs: 18
Data Volume 500 MB WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line + 75 MB
Validity 1 Day

Jazz Daily YouTube and Social

Activation Code *968#
Price Rs: 15
Data Volume 1GB Facebook, WhatsApp & YouTube
Validity 1 Day


Jazz Weekly Facebook Packages 2021

Get rid of activating packages every day. Rather, just grab the Jazz Weekly Facebook Package and enjoy uninterrupted Facebook for the whole week. Apart from Facebook, this offer also includes MBs for YouTube, WhatsApp, and IMO.


If you are Tried to Daily Subscription the Packages, So in this case weekly Package is Much better of you. So in this case Jazz offer the Jazz Weekly Packages from Facebook and Enjoy the uninterrupted Facebook for the Full week, and Enjoy the Facebook form the Whole week. And I also mention the

Included MBs for youtube, WhatsApp, and IMO.

Activation Code *660#
Price Rs: 89
Data Volume 5GB data for Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO & YouTube
Validity 7 Days


Jazz Monthly Facebook Packages 2021

The monthly Facebook Package is a Wonderfull Package. And If you are regular for the jazz Offer buy, So in this case you need the Monthly Subscription Offer.

And This Offer is till 30 Days, and You Solve the Problem Day by day Subscribe to the Offer, So in this case you save the time.

And Jazz Offer two Cites. In which Karachi and Multan the Famous Cites.

Jazz Monthly Social

Activation Code *661#
Price Rs: 99 incl. Tax
Data Volume 5GB (Facebook, WhatsApp & IMO)
Validity 30 Days

Karachi Monthly Facebook Offer by Jazz

Karachi- Monthly- Facebook- Offer-by-Jazz

Activation Code *532#
Price Rs: 44.5 incl. Tax
Data Volume 5GB Facebook
Validity 30 Days


  • This offer is available for subscribers in Karachi only.
  • Customers can subscribe to the offer by dialing *532#
  • Offer incentive status can be checked by dialing *532*2#
  • This offer is non-recursive and customers will have to dial *532# to re-subscribe to the offer.
  • This offer is subject to change at any time.

Jazz Multan Offer









Activation Code *499#
Price Rs: 30
Data Volume 3GB data for Facebook & WhatsApp
Validity 30 Days
  • This offer is available for subscribers in Multan only.
  • Customers can subscribe to the offer by dialing *499#
  • This offer is subject to change at any time.

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