Dean Martin Spouse, Net Worth & What was the Cause of Ricci Martin Death?

Who is Dean Martin?
Who is Dean Martin?
American actor and singer Dean Martin (1917 – 1995), circa 1955. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Who is Dean Martin?

Dean Martin was born on June 7, 1917, in Steubenville, Ohio, United States of America. Martin was an American Nationality Holder As he was born in the United States of America. Martin is a famous American Singer, Actor and Comedian. Martin is one of the most famous and well-known comedians (entertainers) in America. Martin is also known as ” The King of Cool ” due to his fabulous performance. 

Dean Martin’s Career

Dean Martin is also a famous and a well-known Actor and a TV show host. Dean’s debut TV show was The Colgate Comedy Hour. Dean’s other TV shows in which he played various roles are “The Lucy Show”, “Movin with Nancy”, “Half Nelson” and so on. Martin hosts many TV shows. One of Martin’s famous TV shows was ” The Dean Martin Show “. Dean is also a roaster in the TV show “Dean Martin Celebrity Roast”.

Collaboration With Jerry Lewis

Dean Martin collaborated with the comedian named Jerry Lewis. As Martin is also a Singer. Martin’s famous songs/records are “Memories Are Made of This, That’s Amore, You’re Nobody Till Someone’s Love You “. Martin recorded his albums for famous Record companies. Some famous record companies are Warner Bros. Records, Reprise Records and many more.

Marital Life of Dean Martin

Dean Martin married three times. He has eight children from his three marriages. He got married first time with Elizabeth Anne McDonald on 1941 and after 8 years they got separated and Martin divorced his first wife. Same year he decided to marry with Jeanne and they had three children from this marriage. Dean Martin was very happy after marriage with Jeanne and they spent 24 years together happily. And the third and last, Dean Martin Spouse was Catherine Hawn and they got married in 1973. But this marriage too was not run for long, and he divorced his third wife after 3 years in 1976. Catherine and Martin has one daughter from this marriage.

Let’s discuss in detail about each Dean Martin’s Spouse and children’s from his each wife.

1. Dean Martin Spouse – Elizabeth Anne McDonald


Dean married Elizabeth Anne McDonald on the 2nd of October, 1941. Dean and Elizabeth Anne McDonald lived 8 years together. Dean and Elizabeth had four children from this relationship. The names of their children are Craig Martin, Claudia Martin, Gail Martin and Deana Martin. Dean and Elizabeth Anne McDonald get separated after eight years. Dean and Elizabeth got divorced in 1949. 


  1. Craig Martin 
  2. Claudia Martin
  3. Gail Martin
  4. Deana Martin

2. Who was Dean Martin’s Second wife?

Dean Martin Spouse - Jeanne Bigger
Second Wife of Dean Martin

Dean’s second spouse was Jeanne Biegger. Dean and Jeanne married in September 1949. Martin and Jeanne had three children from this relationship. The children’s names are Dean Paul Martin, Ricci Martin and Gina Martin. Dean and Jeanna lived 24 years together happily. They got divorced on the 29th of March, 1973. Jeanne Martin died three weeks later, on August 24, 2016, in Beverly Hills, California after the death of his son “Ricci Martin”.

Dean and Jeanne married in Sep 1949 and they got divorced on the 29th of March, 1973. They had three children from this relationship. The names of Dean Martin’s Children are given below:

  • Dean Paul Martin
  • Gina Martin
  • Ricci Martin (Died 1953-2016)

Ricci Martin Cause of Death

Ricci James Martin was the son of singer Dean Martin and his second wife Jeanne Biegger and the sixth of his father’s eight children. Martin was married and had three daughters: Pepper, Montana and Rio. He died on August 3, 2016, at age 62, of an undisclosed cause. 

In 2022, Ricci’s daughter Pepper came in third place on the first season of reality television series Claim to Fame.

3. Third & Last, Dean Martin’s Spouse

Dean Martin's Spouse, Catherine Hawn

Catherine Hawn was the third wife of Dean Martin. They got married on the 25th of April, 1973. They had a daughter from this marriage. The name of their daughter is Sasha Martin. They separated in 1976. We have discussed the detailed Biography of Catherine Hawn in our last blog. You can read by click on this link. 

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Dean Martin Net Worth

Dean Martin’s net worth analyzed by the sources is about $30 million. As Dean is an Actor, TV shows Host, Singer and Comedian. These are the major earning sources of Martin.

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