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Fake email generator is an online tool that generates an email address that allows you to send and receive emails for a specific period and is destroyed after that time is called a disposable temporary email.

Nowadays many people use this disposable temporary email to keep their sensitive information safe. You can use these emails to log in to different websites to read and to check the content of the website. It is the most secure way to save your sensitive personal information to be leaked.

Best Fake Email Generators

There are many fake email generators available on the internet that you can use according to your need. They are temporary mailboxes that one can use to send and receive messages without showing his/her real identity. They avoid leaking your sensitive information and do not allow anyone to track you. They are very easy to use. You can create the email of your desire. It does not ask you for a password and you can use it as a regular email. This email address expires after a specific period. So, you should use the fake email before its get expired. You can use them to save your confidential and sensitive information.


  • They help you to sign up without showing your identity.
  • It is very easy to use them for verification on different websites.
  • Allows you to keep your confidential information safe while sending or receiving mail.

Below are some best fake email generators:

01. Burnermail:

It allows you to create fake email addresses to sign up for all the websites easily. This fake email generator allows you to add many recipients to your account according to your requirement.


  • Allows you to reply to conversations.
  • You can create multiple email addresses.
  • Allows you to manage your emails efficiently.
  • Provides browser extensions.
  • Protects your emails and confidential information.

02. BLUR system:

It masks your email address, mobile number, and credit card to keep sensitive information safe. It organizes your sensitive information so that you don’t need to be worried about it.


  • Forward masked phone calls to you via voice mail or messages.
  • Sends site with a masked email to your email.
  • Keeps your confidential information safe.
  • Provides an easy and common user interface.

03. 10minutemail:

It creates a private e-mail address and anyone can send an e-mail to this address. The generated e-mail and the address both are disposed of after 10 minutes.


  • You can use it on any mobile device according to your need.
  • It prevents the leakage of your confidential information.
  • Allows you to set mailbox time to 100 minutes.

04. Temp-mail:

It is an application that anyone can use to create fake email addresses. A fake email created by this application is removed after a specific period.


  • An advanced email service that keeps your confidential information secure.
  • Allows you to keep your inbox free from advertising mailings.

05. Email on Deck:

Email On Deck is the site for all things relating to throwaway, disposable, and temporary email addresses. This is the best fake email address generator. It keeps your privacy and confidential information safe.


  • Automatically delete fake email addresses after a specific period.
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-friendly
  • Easy to use.
  • Helps you to protect your privacy.

06. Throwaway Mail:

It is a free fake email address-generating service. You can visit the website for generating a new email id. The generated email id can receive the emails very easily and quickly.


  • Allows you to receive an email instantly.
  • Other people cannot use your email address.
  • Fake email address automatically expires after 48 hours.

08. Mailinator:

This is a public email service. Companies can use this generator to determine the workflow of their business. Meanwhile, you can use this fake email generator for testing the sign-up system of a website and customer interactions, or even your sending capabilities.


  • It allows you to send and receive emails without any registration.
  • Anyone can read and search all the emails.
  • It allows you to easily access the inbox by just giving @mailinator.com email and reach in the inbox.
  • Public Mailinator is a receiver system.

09. MailCatch:

MailCatch allows you to create disposable temporary mailboxes. You can use some important features only after purchasing the premium package such as  Email forwarding and private MailCatch host.


  • Automatically removes email addresses that increase the burden on the server.
  • Allows you to choose the login name of your desire for a length of 25 characters.
  • You can use it unlimited times according to your need.

10. TrashMail:

You can use this, it very easy to create temporary disposable mailboxes for a specific time duration. It allows you to forward emails. So, it allows you to send the emails to the inbox without any interruption.


  • Allows you to forward unlimited mails.
  • By using it you can filter incoming mails.
  • This fake email generator uses an SSL connection to forward mails which is very secure.
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