How to Unlock/Reset Jazz PUK Code 2021?

Jazz puk code

In this article, I am going to tell the Jazz subscribers to resolve the PUK code problems. A PUK is abbreviated as Personal Unblocking Key. If you have enabled the PIN/PUK security your sim can be locked. If you entered three times the wrong PIN code your sim will be locked. Therefore, unfortunately, the PUK code will be required & in the market, there is no other software to generate the Jazz PUK code.

After getting rid of the Jazz PUK code you can easily use the SIM to stay connected with your loved ones. You can also use Jazz packages for the saving of money because Jazz is providing low rates packages.

But don’t worry there are some following methods to unlock your jazz sim.

What is a PIN?

The PIN is a phone security feature that we use to secure the cell phone. The PIN is abbreviated as Personal Identification Code. If you use the wrong PIN code three times continuously then the phone will be locked temporarily and asks for PUK code.

What is the PUK Code?

When your phone is locked due to entering the wrong PIN code then the phone asks for a PUK code. PUK code is abbreviated as Personal Unlocking Key.

How many methods to unlock jazz sim?

There are two methods to unlock your Jazz PUK code.

  • Default Codes Method
  • Helpline Method


Default Code method:

There are some default codes if it doesn’t work then use the second one.

  1. PUK1 code 99999999 and press ok.
  2. PUK2 code 56789123 and press ok
  3. PIN1 Code 0000 and press ok.
  4. PIN2 Code 1234 and press ok.


Helpline  method:

Helpline Method to reset PIN/PUK code;

  1.  First of all call at Jazz helpline 111 & request for PUK/PIN code.
  2.  Jazz customer care representatives will ask for your personal information for verification.
  3.  On successful verification, a Jazz care representative will provide you Jazz PUK Code details.
Is Jazz-Warid Puk Codes are same?

If you’re an old Jazz subscriber then you already know that the Jazz-Warid PUK code isn’t the same. Each network has its personal PUK codes for the security of SIM data. In this article, I already told you about you can get rid of the problem of the Jazz PUK Code. You can use any of the above methods to reset/unlock the Jazz PUK code.

Jazz is the most used and reliable network in Pakistan. Jazz started or providing its service in 2001 in all over Pakistan.

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