ufone puk code

How to Reset/Unlock Ufone PUK Code?

ufone puk code

Ufone PUK Code (Personal Unlocking Key) is required to unlock the sim card. When you have entered the wrong PIN code several times and your sim is locked. Here, there might be some method to unblock your sim or how can you obtain Ufone PUK code. 

Ufone is the first GSM cellular service provider network in Pakistan. Ufone started its service in 2001 and become the most famous and the most used network in Pakistan. Ufone always facilitates its subscribers with adorable internet packages and other offers at low rates.

A PUK code is a feature that protects data that you’ve in your sim card.

Every sim card has a rare PUK code. When you entered incorrect Personal identification key(PIN) three times continuously. 

In Pakistan, every telecommunication network has different solutions for its subscribers which are looking to unlock the sim card by using a Personal unblocking key(PUK).


How to reset the Ufone PUK Code?

There are two methods to resolve the Ufone PUK code issue which are given below:

  • SMS Method
  • Helpline Method

SMS Method:

Unlock Ufone SIM with USSD Code Method:

  1. Dial *336#
  2. Go to  My Profile
  3. Select > PUK code
  4. In the next step, your Ufone PUK Code number will appear on the screen.

This method, you can easily unlock your Ufone SIM Card but this method only works when your sim is active or unlocked. So, you can save this for the future.

If your sim is already locked this method will not be helpful and you can use another method to unlock your sim.

Helpline Method to reset PIN/PUK code:

  1.  First of all, call at Ufone helpline 333 & request for PUK/PIN code.
  2.  Ufone customer care representatives will ask for your personal information for verification.
  3.  On successful verification, a Ufone care representative will provide you Ufone PUK Code details.

After getting 40 million-plus subscribers Ufone becomes the most used and famous network in Pakistan. Ufone always facilitates its subscribers with adorable Packages at the low rates.

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