How to Reset/Unlock Warid PUK Code 2021?

Hello guys!if you are a Warid user and you enabled the Warid PUK code security feature then you know much important to remember this security code, it always asks for the PIN when always you switch-on phone. 

But if you forgot your PIN ? or if you have entered the wrong PIN code? If you’ve entered the wrong PIN code for 3 times your sim will be locked.

But don’t worry today I’m going to tell you the method to reset your PUK code.

What is a PIN?

The PIN is a phone security feature that we use to secure the cell phone. The PIN is abbreviated as Personal Identification Code. If you use the wrong PIN code three times continuously then the phone will be locked temporarily and asks for PUK code.

What is the PUK Code?

When your phone is locked due to entering the wrong PIN code then the phone asks for PUK code. PUK code is abbreviated as Personal Unlocking Key.

Default Code:

Warid default PIN code is 0000 & also given on the backside of the sim jacket which holds the sim card. So, the method of resetting PIN code is given below:

How to reset Warid PUK code?

First of all, some default code is given in this article you must use these first. If these codes are not working then use the other method. There are two methods to reset the PUK code.

  • SMS Method
  • Helpline method

SMS Method to reset PUK Code:

If you forgot your Warid PUK code, then follow these simply & easy steps that are given below

  1. From any other Warid, sim sends an SMS Type PUK Number<CNIC Number> & send to 321
  2. For example PUK Number<XXXXX-XXXXXX-X> to 321


Helpline Method to reset PIN/PUK code:

  1. First of all call at Warid helpline 321
  2. Warid customer care representative will ask for your personal information for verification
  3. On successful verification, a Warid care representative will provide you Warid PIN/PUK details.

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