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Jazz Call Packages (Daily,Weekly & Monthly) 2021

After getting 50 million-plus subscribers Jazz merged with Warid and become the most used network all over Pakistan. Jazz-Warid Packages are almost the same. Jazz brings Jazz Call Packages for the convenience of users which are very easy to subscribe to or unsubscribe.

jazz call packages

Jazz Prepaid Call Packages

If you are wondering about Jazz call Packages in 2021? So don’t worry see the packages below and enjoy it;

Jazz Hourly Call Package

In Pakistan, Jazz is the most used network in Pakistan after merging with Warid. Jazz brings the student bundle for the two hours. Jazz provides unlimited minutes for two hours along with 200 SMS and unlimited Facebook. You can stay connected with your loved ones through Jazz Student Bundle.

Packages Charges Details Activation Code Validity
Jazz Student Bundle Rs.7(Incl Tax) 120 Jazz to Jazz Mins+200 SMS+Unlimited Facebook for 2 hours *3000# 2 Hours

Jazz Daily Call Packages

In Jazz Daily Call Packages there are many call packages & all of these are for 24 hours. Jazz Super Daily Call Offer is most used in all of the Jazz subscribers. Jazz Super Daily Call offer provides 300 Jazz to Jazz minutes for all of the day. Jazz Super daily call offer also provides 150MB internet for 24 hours.

As well as other Jazz Daily Call Offers also used for the convenience of 24 hours. You can enjoy these offers at low rates and stay connected with your family members.

Jazz Super Plus Offer provides 500 On-Net Minutes, 5 Off-Net Minutes, 500MB internet, and 500 SMS in just only Rs.28.

Packages Charges Details Activation Code Validity
Jazz Super Plus Offer Rs.28(Incl Tax) 500 On-Net Minutes+5 Off-Net Minutes+500MB internet + 500 SMS *558# 1 Days
Jazz Super F&F Package Rs.10(Incl Tax) 100,000 On-Net Minutes+100,000 SMS *141*F&F_Number# 1 Days
Jazz Super Daily Call Offer Rs.17(Incl Tax) 300 On-Net Minutes+150MB Internet *212# 1 Days
Jazz Har Din Package Rs.21.51(Incl Tax) 500 On-Net Minutes+50MB Internet *114*4# 1 Days

Jazz 3-Day Call Packages

After knowing the needs of their user’s Jazz bring an adorable 3-Day call bundle. In Jazz 3-Day bundle Jazz provides 500 Jazz to Jazz minutes in just only Rs.36 for 3 days. With this offer, you can enjoy Jazz 3-Day bundle for 3 days.

Packages Charges Details Activation Code Validity
Jazz 3 Day Bundle Rs.36(Incl Tax) 500 On-Net Minutes *211# 3 Days

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

After knowing the needs of its subscribers, Jazz providing many weekly call packages with different offers along with SMS, Minutes, and internet Mbs.

Jazz Weekly Super Plus offer is most used in weekly users. In Jazz weekly super plus offer you can get 5000 On-Net Minutes, 50 Off-Net Minutes, 10 GB Internet, and 5000 SMS for 7 days in just only Rs.250. By the way, remaining other offers are also used according to the needs of its subscribers.

You can get any offer from below the table and can enjoy it for 7 days.

Packages Charges Details Activation Code Validity
Jazz Weekly Hybrid Offer Rs.115(Incl Tax)

Required Recharge: Rs.130

1000 On-Net Minutes+20 Off-Net Minutes+500MB Internet + 1000 SMS *407#

Status Info:*407*2#

7 Days
Jazz Weekly All Network Offer Rs.155(Incl Tax)

Required Recharge: Rs.175

1000 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-Net Minutes+1000MB Internet + 1000 SMS *700#
Status Info:*700*2#
7 Days
Jazz Super Duper Weekly Offer Rs.199(Incl Tax)

Required Recharge: Rs.224

1500 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-Net Minutes+3000MB Internet + 1500 SMS *770#

Status Info:*770*2#

7 Days
Jazz Weekly Super Plus Rs.222(Incl Tax)

Required Recharge: Rs. 250

5000 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-Net Minutes+ 10 GB Internet + 5000 SMS *505#

Status Info:*505*2#

7 Days
Chiniot Weekly Hybrid Offer (Offer Valid for Chiniot Only) Rs.115(Incl Tax)

Required Recharge: Rs.130

1500 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-Net Minutes+1.5 GB Internet + 1500 SMS *664#

Status Info:*664*2#

7 Days
Sargodha Weekly Offer (Offer Valid for Sargodha Only) Rs.89.0(Incl Tax)

Required Recharge: Rs.100

2000 On-Net Minutes+2000 SMS+2 GB Internet *627#

Status Info:*627*2#

7 Days
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Offer Rs.100(Incl Tax)

Required Recharge: Rs.113

1000 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-Net Minutes+250MB Internet + 1000 SMS *747#

Status Info:*747*2#

7 Days

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Jazz is the most used network in Pakistan. Jazz brings some Super easy card offers for its subscribers. There are some Jazz Super Card offers & Jazz monthly packages for the convenience of users.

If you are wondering how to recharge or how to enjoy super card offers. So don’t worry to see the packages, details, and charges which are given below & enjoy;

Packages Charges Details Activation Code Validity
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle Rs.444(Incl Tax)

Required Recharge: Rs.500

10,000 On-Net Minutes(333Mins/Day,Sun Unlimited Mins)+50 Off-Net Minutes+1GB Internet + 1000 SMS *430#

Status Info:*430*2#

30 Days
Jazz Monthly All-Rounder Package Rs.596(Incl Tax)

Required Recharge: Rs.N/A

200 All Network Minutes+5GB Internet + 1500 SMS *2000#

Status Info:*2000*2#

30 Days
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Rs.577(Incl Tax)

Required Recharge: Rs.649

3000 Jazz-Warid Minutes+150 Off-Net Minutes+3GB Internet + 3000 SMS *706#

Status Info:*706*2#

30 Days
Jazz Super Duper Monthly Card Rs.600(Incl Tax)

Required Recharge: Rs.600

2000 On-Net Minutes+150 Off-Net Minutes+ 2GB Internet + 2000 SMS *601# 30 Days
Jazz Super Duper Plus Card Rs.977(Incl Tax)

Required Recharge: Rs.1099

5000 On-Net Minutes+300 Off-Net Minutes+10GB Internet + 5000 SMS *707#

Status Info:*707*2#

30 Days

Jazz PostPaid Packages

Jazz brings Jazz postpaid packages for the convenience of its users. Some Jazz family members got irritated by the packaging of Jazz packages. For their convenience, Jazz brings some postpaid packages.

In Jazz 300 and Jazz 600 you can get 1000 and 2000 Jazz-Warid minutes respectively. Jazz 600 provides 300 Off-Net minutes and as well in Jazz 300 150 Off-Net minutes. You can get internet Mbs and SMS in every package.

Afterward, Jazz  1500 and Jazz 999 provide unlimited Jazz-Warid minutes for the whole of the month.

Packages Details Charges Validity
Jazz 1500 Unlimited Jazz-Warid Minutes+500 Off-Net Minutes+7000 SMS+7GB Internet (1GB Facebook + Whatsapp) Rs.1500(Excl Tax) 30 Days
Jazz 999 Unlimited Jazz-Warid Minutes+500 Off-Net Minutes+2GB Internet+1000 SMS Rs.999(Excl Tax) 30 Days
Jazz 600 2000 Jazz-Warid Minutes+300 Off+Net Minutes+1GB Internet+300 SMS Rs.600(Excl Tax) 30 Days
Jazz 300 1000 Jazz-Warid Minutes+150 Off-Net Minutes+500MB Internet+150 SMS Rs.300(Excl Tax) 30 Days

Jazz Other Call Packages

There are some other Jazz call Packages i.e; Jazz Apna Shehar Offer you can unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS, and 100 Mbs internet for 24 hours in just only Rs.10. You can get this offer by dialing *229#. You can also get the packages status information by dialing code which is given in the table.

In Jazz Punjab packages you can get 100 Jazz to Jazz minutes and 100 SMS for 24 hours in just Rs.8.4.

Packages Charges Details Activation Code Validity
Jazz Apna Shehar Offer Rs.10(Incl Tax) 100,000 On-Net Minutes+100,000 SMS+100MB internet *229# 1 Days
Jazz Punjab Package Rs.8.4(Incl Tax) 100 On-Net Minutes+100 SMS *6000#
Status Info:*6000*2#
1 Days
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Rs.199(Incl Tax)

Req Recharge:Rs.224

1500 Jazz-Warid Min+50 Off-Net Minutes+3GBInternet+1500 SMS *770# 7 Days

Jazz-Warid Call Packages

Warid-Jazz combined in 2017 and announced new brand as Jazz. Jazz brings Daily, Weekly & Monthly call packages at a very fair price. Jazz always provides fair offers for its subscribers at a low cost. There are too many call packages according to the needs of subscribers. Jazz call bundles are much reliable for all of its subscribers.

Both these started to provide its service as one network. Jazz Packages are always cheap and reliable. In students, they want to use to contact through SMS rather than Call. But in businessmen, they always want to contact through call.

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