Jazz and Zong WhatsApp Packages

Jazz-Zong-WhatsApp-PackagesJazz is a big telecom company in Pakistan that started its operation in the year 1994. After serving some years Jazz earned a good name in the market. Jazz was formerly known as Mobilink and the Previous record of the Jazz company shows it was registered with Mobilink’s name. The aim of good services built good trust in the user. People started to join Mobilink day by day. Jazz is an old and become more big company after merging Warid network in the year2015. Millions of customers now using the Jazz network due to their valued services. The first choice about the selection of telecom company in Pakistan is Jazz network. Jazz is offering affordable package plans under daily, weekly, and monthly time duration.

FREE Facebook on Jazz

Jazz tries to reach new customers using different strategies. Free Facebook is offered for Mobilink customers. Open the Facebook app and tap on the free Facebook button.

Users can easily switch using the toggle button on top of the Facebook app between free and data mode. There are some limitations on the free version that users are not able to see pictures and videos also uploading is restricted. The free version of Facebook allows you to scroll the timeline, post a text, chat and comment with friends and family. The toggle button provides an ease to switch between free and data mode.

and If you need more information about other jazz facebook packages So, You Find out many Social media with Different Codes are Available in Different websites.  

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz and other telecom companies design package plans that cover all types of communities. Daily package plans are specially designed for those who want limited and time-specific data and call minutes. Some package plans contain unlimited call minutes and data for extra browsing and minutes that some users expect with any telecom company. The jazz app can also be used for activating any package. Some package plans renew automatically but this Jazz daily package will expire after 24 hours and you have to renew it again after dialing its specific code.

Jazz daily package plans distribute further that contain different numbers of MBS, calling minutes, and SMS for the ease of customers. Daily Mega Package of Jazz contains the 1000MBS for one day only in rupee 25 including tax. The subscription of this package plan can be availed by dialing code *117*4#.

The remaining balance of any package can be checked by dialing the activation code with 2 like *117*4*2#. Jazz world app is the best solution for activating any package or checking the remaining data. The detailed picture can be seen using the Jazz World app.


The complete list of Jazz daily internet package plans contains many exciting and affordable package plans like Daily extreme package, Daily Youtube and Social Package, Super Ghanta offer, etc. list of package plans helps users to select the package according to their need.

Just spend Rs 15 on the Daily Social bundle and get 1GB of Data for Youtube and other social apps like Facebook and Whatsapp for one day. The activation code of the Social package plan is *968# or just open your Jazz world app and activate it by taping. This is not a recursive package plan you have to activate again after expiry.

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

Jazz packages are not limited to Prepaid users. Postpaid jazz users can also enjoy package plans that are credited automatically in their monthly bills.  If you are a Jazz postpaid user just dial *777# and enjoy package plans.

About WhatsApp

Before the WhatsApp social platform majority of customers used SMS services to communicate with each other. Now, this is the time of WhatsApp, users get many other advantages along with chat like sharing pictures, documents, videos, and many more. The extra security of WhatsApp urges the official to use this service. Millions of Pakistani customers use Whatsapp for their daily activities.

Jazz WhatsApp Package

Jazz is offering a number of package plans like daily package plans, weekly and monthly package plans. Each package plans contain a different number of MBS and price. Complete detail of all Jazz WhatsApp Packages can be found here.

Jazz Free WhatsApp Package for New Year

Some limited-time offers to announce according to specific events. In this new year, event jazz has announced a Free WhatsApp package for a limited time. Jazz customers can use this package for free.

Zong Package Plans

After Jazz telecom, Zong is the second largest telecom company in Pakistan. 4G operation started by Zong in our country now 5 million-plus users are using 4G services. Zong contains a number of affordable package plans with different numbers of calls, SMS, and MBS according to price variation.

Zong is the only network that is offering free Facebook and WhatsApp to its valued customers. Users don’t need to pay any money for these two platforms. A huge amount of internet data is offered by Zong for new customers. Zong package plans with detail are available on our platform.

Zong has designed package plans with extra flexibility. All package plans are divided into different time duration like daily, weekly, and monthly. Users can select package plans according to their ease and affordability. Zong services are attractive so users convert easily from another network to Zong telecom. Zong’s internet speed is fast from all other service providers due to advanced technology and equipment.

Zong claims that contains active 30 million users. This number is really big as compared to other telecom companies.

Zong Call, SMS, and internet package plans are admirable. All advantages like time, MBS, Number of calling minutes can be found in the package list. Users feel relaxed and find their most attractive and suitable package plan. Zong display package plans with no hidden charges are another advantage of this company.

 Zong WhatsApp Packages & Bundles for Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Zong WhatsApp Package plans are suitable for all customers just because of well designed time duration, number of MBS, and price. WhatsApp package is the need of everyone nowadays. So the best package plan can be found at Zong WhatsApp packages. The detail of each package plan with the exact price can be visited here.

If you are curious to activate Zong WhatsApp Package plans then just dial *247# and enjoy all features of Zong  4G’s largest network in Pakistan. Zong WhatsApp’s other features are sharing documents, videos, voice, etc. All features are included in the prescribed price of each package. There are no hidden charges for any package.

and If you need More Packages About the Zong network in which Daily, Weekly & Monthly So please Visit the Zong WhatsApp packages and Find out the best packages according to your need and requirements.

The very best way of connecting with friends and family is WhatsApp social app that Zong network offers at an affordable price. Some social packages allow other social apps like Facebook, IMO, Twitter and Youtube. Now, this is the user’s choice to select package plans according to their choice.

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