When did Jelly Roll get married? Who is Jelly Roll’s wife?

Jelly Roll is a well-known rap artist who has been making waves in the music industry since 2013. He’s collaborated with many successful artists and his fans are curious about jelly rolls wife and want to know more about this talented man! After getting fame peoples started to know about his personal life. Peoples also curious about, who is jelly roll’s wife?


The jelly roll came onto our radar when he released “My Bad” featuring Styles P, Jim Jones & Jonsinrise. Nowadays you can catch him performing across Texas at clubs like Club Space Texico or even headlining stages at places such as Sound on South Austin Music Hall.

When did Jelly Roll get married?

When did Jelly Roll get married

On 17th October 2020, Jelly Roll got married to his long-term girlfriend Bunnie DeFord aka “Bunnie XO” at a private ceremony. The pair dated for two years before they tied the knot in front of family and friends on an autumn day with leaves falling around them as music from their favorite artists played in the background. The jelly roll couldn’t wait any longer so he could finally spend rest days enjoying time spent together as husband & wife! Although the bride and groom are very open about their life together in public places like Twitter or Instagram stories; they have yet to reveal details about where this event will be held with media outlets.

With a wedding to celebrate, Jelly Roll and jelly roll’s wife have been living an ideal life together. There has not even been one word of divorce rumors or separation in their relationship so far!

Who is Jelly Roll’s wife?

Jelly Roll's wife

You may not have guessed it, but his model wife Bunnie DeFord aka “Bunnie XO” is an American born in Nashville, Tennessee, USA! She always had a dream to become the face of some big agency. It’s no wonder that she pursued her career as one-half of this duo with success, even featuring prominently in music videos for both him AND releasing original tunes too!

She has a huge following on social media sites, including Instagram and YouTube. Besides being busy with hosting her own podcast “Dumb Blonde” that she started before meeting him, Bunnie also manages to maintain an active family life as well!

How Jelly Roll Meets his Wife? And When they met?

Jelly Roll is a storyteller. He met his wife, while on tour in Las Vegas and they have been crazy about each other ever since! You can find them together speaking at conferences or sharing their love for one another through social media posts, it doesn’t matter where you look because there are always photos of this handsome couple making us smile from ear to ear with how happy they seem to be living life as husband & wife.

What is the name of Jelly Roll’s Daughter?

Jelly Roll’s daughter is Bailee Ann DeFord. She was born to be a doctor like her mother, but the family has not revealed when she would start college or high school yet because they are still figuring out what field will suit them best at this stage in life. On top of that Jelly also owns an ice cream company called “Jelly-Rounds” with his wife Bunnie Grant. The name “Bailey” comes from combining two words – ballerina and ballet dancer which meant someone who excels on both feet just as their mom did while dancing before having kids.

Jelly Roll adores his two children and he has a special bond with them. At some point, they all moved to the United States where it is assumed that everyone lives happily now. Jelly loves both of his kids more

than anything in this world; as if their love alone could fill every gap left behind from time spent apart during childhood years or after family members passed away.

Tragedies Jelly Roll Faces in His Life

Jelly Roll’s life has been filled with tragedy, including his father’s death during Jelly’s childhood. It is not known what happened to the man but it can be assumed that he left some kind of impression on behalf of all four brothers who grew up together despite their high risks in society because they lived outside city limits where things tended not only get dangerous but also more difficult after dark due lack of lighting sources available nearby areas which made them vulnerable if anything ever went wrong while out hunting game by moonlight alone without any modern-day safety features like street lights providing protection from predators.

Is Jelly Roll and Lil Wyte related?

Yes, Jelly and Lil Wyte is related by their career. As we all know, both of them are famous rappers, they have done several collaborations together.

Family of Jelly Roll

Jelly has no information regarding his family members But he is lost his father. Further, It has four brothers whose names are still missing from the media.

Quick Facts of Jelly Roll and Net Worth


  • Jelly opened eyes on 4th December 1986, in Nashville, Tennessee, the United States of America.
  • His birth name is Jason DeFord.
  • As of 2021, he is 35 years old while his horoscope is Sagittarius.
  • Every year, Jelly celebrates his birthday on 4th December.
  • By nationality, Jelly is an American while he belongs to mixed ethnical background.
  • Jelly has an estimated net worth of around $2 million as of 2021. This is a very Handsome income.
  • Roll stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches tall with a bodyweight of 90kg.
  • Jelly has black-colored hair while his eyes are dark brown in color.

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