PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor

PDF compressor is a free online tool that compresses large-sized pdf files into small sizes. Compression is a process that optimizes bits and bytes to reduce the overall size of the file. Usually, compression compromises the quality of the document as we see in the case of images. When we compress the size of an image then the quality of the image goes down. So, the same is for digital documents. Don’t worry you don’t have to lose too much quality because here we have many options for the compression of PDF files.

Further, there are two types of compression:

  • Lossless Compression: It is for documents that contain text. The algorithm generates reference points for patterns of text, saves them, and then puts them back to your PDF file.
  • Lossy Compression: This type is for images and graphics. You can use it to reduce the size of image files by eliminating informational bits. It provides you a compressed image with a small size and a low quality.

You should compress your PDF file using desktop software. It will give you more control over downsampling. It helps you to focus on the details and fine-tune for the compression. Software is perfect when you want to reduce the size of the PDF as much as possible. It is great when you need to email a PDF.

Using Online PDF Compressor Tools Online:

It is a very easy and popular way to compress a PDF file by uploading it to an online tool and hit the compress button. It is pretty good.

If you want to add security to your file, then a desktop tool will be the best way to process locally.

However, you can use these online tools for compressing small documents.

They are approximately easy and completely free. Further, these online PDF compressing tools also have some limitations such as the file size and the number of compressions you can use.

Top online PDF Compressions Tools are listed below:

  • Small PDF
  • Adobe PDF Compressor
  • PDF2GO
  • PDF Compressor

01. Small PDF:

It is a great and easy PDF processing tool. It works fast. You can use it as a 14-day free trial. However, if you want to use all the features then you have to pay a small amount. Further, file conversion, desktop, and mobile app access, and eSign are all very useful features of small PDF.

Steps to compress PDF:

  • Select a file from desktop or Google drive.
  • Now select the compression method.
  • Press the download button and save the file on your PC.


  • It allows you to convert a document into a PDF.
  • You can compress your PDF documents very easily.
  • Allows you to split and merge PDF files.
  • You can create new PDF files.
  • Browser extension.

02. Adobe PDF Compressor:

As we all know it is the most famous and used PDF compressor. Nowadays. We all have an adobe reader on our computers or mobiles. It allows us to easily read and manage our PDF documents. Further, you can also use online free tools of adobe to perform a variety of functions on your PDF documents. It allows you to compress your PDF within seconds.

Steps to compress a PDF:

  • Open the dashboard and click on the select a file or drag your file in the box directly.
  • After that, it will start compressing your PDF document.
  • Now, you should sign in and download the compressed PDF document.


  • PDF compression
  • Allow you to Drag and drop PDF documents.
  • It allows you to convert other documents into PDF.
  • Allows you to easily share your PDF documents.

03. PDF2Go:

It is a fantastic PDF compressor. This is very competitive and easy. You can upload your PDF files from your computer, drive, or it also allows you to drag and drop PDF documents. It compresses your files very quickly.

Steps to compress PDF:

  • Upload or drag and drop the PDF file.
  • Choose a compression type for your PDF Document.
  • Press the start button. After that, your PDF file will be compressed and saved on your PC.

Types of Compression:

  • Basic compression: It provides you good quality but a medium file size.
  • Strong compression: This type of compression provides you a medium quality but a small size.


  • Allows you to Compress PDF quickly.
  • Provide multiple types of compression
  • Allows you to split and combine PDF files.
  • Conversion of PDF file.
  • Allows you to Edit PDF easily.

04. PDF Compressor:

This is a very simple PDF compressing tool. It allows you to compress 20 PDF files at a time. Users can easily upload their PDF files, compress them, and can save them wherever they want on their PC.

Steps to compress PDF File:

  • Upload a PDF file or drag and drop it.
  • The compressor will automatically start compressing the PDF document.
  • Download and save your compressed PDF files.


  • Allows you to compress PDF files without paying any cost.
  • Conversion of PDF documents.
  • Allows batch processing.
  • A good user interface.

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