PICUKI INSTAGRAM: WHAT is it? Is it secure? What is the best way to use it?


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for sharing posts, photos, videos, and communicating. It has about 2 billion monthly users all across the world. It’s also utilized for digital marketing, promoting brands and products to a global audience. However, to share posts, stories, or read other people’s posts and stories, one must first have an Instagram account. You can read other people’s posts and stories without creating or logging into your Instagram account by Picuki.

What is Picuki? 

Picuki is an online tool that allows you to view Instagram users’ posts, stories, and profiles without signing up or logging in. Aside from that, you may edit other people’s photos online by cropping them to the size you want, applying your preferred filter, adding your text, changing the brightness level, and much more. Its charm is that it is entirely free and does not require you to sign in or register to use it. You can freely download any post with or without editing and save that in your storage. 


Is Picuki secure?

Picuki is 100 % safe to use and download and edit pictures. It does not monitor your activity and privacy. 


What are the Best Ways to use it?

There are two best ways to use the Picuki. 

  1. Search direct account by entering its username
  2. View account or posts by searching hashtag
  3. Search the posts by latest Trending

First Method: Search Username

 You can easily find any account and its posts by inserting its username following the steps below.

Click on the URL given below to access the Picuki

Picuki online tool

After clicking on the above address, you will enter its homepage with a simple and easy interface. 

Then enter the username of your query IG account and then search it by clicking on the search bar. 

Now you will get a list of IG accounts related to your search. 

Find your required IG account by scrolling down and clicking to enter that account. 

Hurrah! You have entered your favorite account. Scroll down to view all posts and pictures. 

Now you can view, edit and download posts and pictures of your favorite account. 

 Second Method: Search Hashtag

 Access the Picuki as before and then go to its homepage.

Insert the hashtag in the search bar and then hit the search icon.

You will see two options at the top of the page, one for profiles and the second for tags. 

Click on the second one, ‘Tags.’

Now you will have a complete list of Hashtags related to your search. 

Click on the required hashtag and view posts and images with your mentioned hashtags. 


Third Method: Trending

 You can also get posts and Images of Trending straightforwardly. 

Open the Picuki website.

See the top right corner of its homepage, where a red box containing ‘Trending’ is present.

Click on this box, and you will go to the page of trending posts.

You can filter the posts by clicking on different categories-wise and time-wise results. 


How to download Pictures?

 After clicking on the post, you will see the red ‘Download’ button at the right bottom of that post. Click on the download button, and it will automatically download to your device.

How to edit the Pictures?

 Open the post you want to edit and click on the red ‘Edit’ button and click on this option. Now you will see many editing possibilities like crop, adjustment, inserting text, brush, etc. Edit it as you want, and then hit the download button to save it on your device.

and If you need more information About the Picuki So Please Read the FAQS,



Is Picuki Legal?

Picuki is a legal and safe method to view stories and download pictures anonymously.


Can I see IG stories without Footprints?

Yes. By Picuki, you can view any story of anyone without your footprints.

Can I Download stories by Picuki?

Yes. You can download the stories by Picuki.

Does Picuki require sign-up?

No, you can use it without signing in.

Is Picuki free?

Yes, it is a free tool.

Is Picuki Anonymous?

Yes. It allows you to view and download pictures anonymously. 

Picuki not working?

It works perfectly. Sometimes due to server down or technical issues, it may slow down. 




You can see posts

You can download posts

You can download stories

You need not sign up anywhere

Your activity not monitored

You can edit pictures

You need to pay a single penny to use it


You cannot edit settings

You cannot access your IG account

You cannot watch a live stream

You cannot like and comment

You cannot access private accounts and posts

You cannot make your post

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