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Telenor Balance Share Code 2021?

Are you looking for Telenor Balance Share Code here have the Telenor codes. Telenor always cares about the facilities of its subscribers. It provides very convenient offers for prepaid to prepaid users.  Telenor Launched Balance sharing facility for its users. This Telenor Balance Share facility is for them which are running out of balance.  Some of the subscribers are always suffered from the ran out of balance.  Telenor is a very caring network.

telenor balance share code

So, you can share balance or request the share balance to your loved ones.

Telenor Balance Sharing

Balance sharing is the most used thing in almost all of the networks. Telenor users can easily share balance and stay connected with their family members. Through this balance sharing facility, you can always share balance or request to your friends to share balance.

Telenor Balance Share Code

Telenor brings balance sharing facility for their prepaid users. By this facility, Telenor users do not need to worry about their running out of balance, one of their friends, family member or loved one can easily share balance.

Telenor Balance Share is a convenient, flexible, and easy service for Telenor users. Lets users share the balance of amount ranging Rs.20 to Rs.200.You can share balance 10 times a day. The charges per transaction are Rs.4.77+Tax.

This Telenor service ensures that you can always keep in touch with your loved ones. Telenor share balance transfer code is below.

Telenor user share their balance by dialing *1*1*034XXXXXXXX*100#

Telenor Balance Share code Example:


When you share balance a confirmation message will be received and you have to reply with for confirming share. The transaction will be complete once you received the confirmation message.


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