Internet markerting companies in india

Top Internet Marketing Companies in India

In this day and age of the internet, everything is swiftly becoming digitized. In addition to entertainment and socialization, it has also become an excellent conduit for promoting businesses. Internet marketing has become an excellent source for the publicity of a business venture, promoting its products and services. It boosts sales and drives more traffic and customer to the business. To compete in this fast-paced digital environment, you need a strong marketing strategy to improve your odds of survival and drive your business.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing, or simply online marketing, covers a lot of strategies that can lead to the advancement of your business. These strategies include promotion through e-mails, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, online adverts, and blog posts to promote the content you want out there. Internet marketing has dramatically reduced the need for sales pitches and other such laborious tactics. With digital marketing, you can target your customer with dead-on accuracy and show them what they want. This way, the customer is also happy as he gets what he wants without the hassle of searching around for it out there in the world.

So how can you go about setting up a good marketing strategy for your business? Not everyone can set up a successful digital marketing setup without any expertise. It is also not a very difficult challenge to overcome. There are a lot of digital marketing companies operating in India that provide excellent internet marketing services. But before we delve into the info on these companies, first, you have to assess some factors that can help you choose the right digital marketing agency for your business.

  1. First, analyze your financial capacity for this venture. I know you want to promote your business, but you are also trying to run that business at the same time. So, analyze your budget and then choose the best internet marketing company for your needs. Find out what services they can provide in your offered amount. You don’t want to go over budget, but you also do not want to get stuck with a company that does not reach your requirements just for a small price. 
  2. Second, you must determine what you need to market to the target audience. What products or services do you want to promote. 
  3. Third, check the company out before handing over your marketing needs to them. Many digital marketing agencies provide a very thorough outlook of their services on their respective websites. Do your research, and then contact the online marketing service provider of your choice. 
  4. Fourth, try to stay connected with the person handling your marketing needs. Ensure that the person handling your account has a good understanding of the internet marketing world. 
  5. Lastly, be aware of your service providers’ working process. Keep track of the work they are doing for you by asking for regular reports. This way, you can ensure that your online marketing needs are in good hands.

Now that we have established some ground rules for the selection of an appropriate digital marketing company for you let us discuss the top internet marketing companies in India.


Kinnect is a Mumbai-based digital marketing company that was founded by Chandri Shah and Rohan Mehta in 2011. The company offers a wide range of services to its clients like Website development, SEO, Video Production, Online Reputation Management, etc. With +350 employees across Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi, it is one of the best internet marketing companies in India. The company has had multiple awards over the years. Its clients include leading companies and brands like Indiabulls, Tata Capital, Reliance digital, Spencer’s, and Asian Paints, to name a few.

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Web Metrics

Web Matriks has more than ten years of experience in the field of IT (Information Technology). The company provides digital marketing services ranging from search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, web designing & development, and paid search advertising (PPC). Currently, the company is based in Faridabad and is one of the best online marketing companies in India.


Monolith is a powerful name in internet marketing and is based in Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala. They provide excellent online marketing services to their clients by forming strong personal and professional relationships. It offers a wide range of marketing services, including Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Data Analytics, and Big Data. The company has worked with many famous companies and brands like BMW India, Happenstance, Hero, Pioneer, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, etc.

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TechBound Innovations

TechBound Innovations was established in 2012 and are one of Kerala’s leading internet marketing firms. They also provide a healthy working environment for their employees. They have 11+ years of experience in this field. The company strives to provide the best digital marketing services like Social media marketing, Search engine optimization, Mobile app promotion, E-commerce management, Search engine marketing, and Video advertising.

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Social Pulsar

Social Pulsar is also an award-winning Internet marketing company hailing from Kerala. The company is known for its excellent professional values and its tendency to create some of the most creative internet marketing ideas. They pride themselves in terms of excellent 24/7 quick service and maximum return of investment to the client with minimum cost. They offer a wide range of online marketing services like social media optimization and marketing, SEO, SEM, mobile app marketing, and reputation management. The company has worked with multiple renowned brands like Renault, Oppo, Mannapuram Finance limited, SpeakInc, Ziro, Way, Share tea, and Skyline. 

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Bluesteak Media is a Kottayam-based internet marketing service provider from Kerala. The company was established in 2013 and sports a dedicated staff of skilled digital marketing experts. They provide multiple online marketing solutions, including SEO, AR marketing, Influencer Marketing to Digital Marketing Analytics, and Content Strategy. They have satisfied more than 75 clients since their inception, including Fund Folio, Red Cross, The Muthoot Group, VKC, and Coin Switch.

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