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The word PDF means a portable document format. It is used to present the documents in an electronic format. So anyone can see and use the document on all the kind of devices easily. It is very easy to convert Word to PDF.

Free Word to PDF Converter

Do you know there are a lot of advantages of converting a word document into PDF? When you convert a file into PDF then the converter compressed the file in a small size. So, you don’t need to free space on your mobile or PC. These PDF files work perfectly and you can open them on all the devices very easily.


  • Easy to create and read.
  • Allows you to integrate different types of data.
  • Displays the same view on all the devices.
  • You can share them very easily.
  • Allows you to add security to your files such as password or encryption.
  • It allows you to add a watermark.

Below is a list of tools to convert word documents into PDFs.

01. PDFCreator:

It allows you to convert text files into high-quality PDF documents. It is a very simple and basic program. This converter is good for those who want to simply convert their files. It has no complex functionality and features. It provides a few simple editing options of date and time and password protection.

02. Adobe Acrobat Reader:

It is the most reliable and famous name for creating, converting,  sharing, editing, and viewing documents. You can use this application to convert the word document into a PDF. It also allows you to edit your converted PDF.  You can use it to fill out PDF forms, verify signatures, and other features, etc.

03. Doro PDF Writer:

Making a professional PDF document is very easy and simple with this converter. This PDF converter is a little bit different from Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can use it with any Windows. It installs a virtual printer on your computer for creating and converting documents into PDF. It allows you to add a password to your files. This converter allows you to add to disable the copy, paste, and printing functions for your document.

04. CutePDF Writer:

This converter also installs a virtual printer on your system. It is a very simple and easy converter. You can use it for converting a word document to a PDF document or to create new PDF documents from the scrap. The installation of this converter is quick. Anyone can use this converter according to his/her need.

05. PDFill PDF Tool:

This is the best PDF tool available in the market for converting and creating PDF documents. This program, unlike many of the other PDF creation programs, has text-editing capabilities. It has many useful capabilities of editing the text, allows you to merge, split, rearrange, crop, and reformat documents.

06. jPDF Tweak:

This application is a Swiss army knife of PDF files because it doesn’t disappoint anyone. It allows you to merge, rotate, re-arrange, encrypt, sign and tweak PDF files very quickly. This is a java-based application that means you can use it on portable devices. It also allows you to put strong password protection on your important PDF files. There is one drawback of this password protection that if you have put a password on a PDF file, then you can not remove the password from the file.

07. PDFTK Builder:

It is a fast and easy-to-use PDF converter. It contains all the necessary tools to convert and edit PDF files. PDFtk Builder has an easy and simple graphical user interface (GUI). This graphical user interface makes the use of the converter easier for the user.

It contains many features but some of them are:

  • Collate
  • Split
  • Watermark
  • Rotate
  • PDF password protection

08. PrimoPDF:

This converter also uses a virtual printer. This converter does not change text formats when converting a huge document. It provides a great speed for the conversion of files. A drawback of this converter is that it reformats the graphics of the file.

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